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Monday, July 31, 2017

Beautiful and Luke Skywalker born 7/1/2017

The blue leopard is a male, the other 2 are female..

And the little black runt is the feisty pick of the litter if you asked me!
Ain't her spotted white socks cute?

Here is Luke, da stud and since Patch, his grandfather is gone, Luke is the biggest dog in the yard...
I am Marcus de la Houssaye and my email is:

Rumor is I am a hard breeder to do business with, but maybe that's because I am old school...

A top view on this little male blue leopard

For instance, I just got a smart phone because I like a flip phone with buttons, but I am trying it out..

My new number is 337 704 6330 and I will try to carry this thing on me but I hate this touch screen!

I am learning the voice mail and I just figuired out the messeges yesterday, so bear with me!

I also have 4 new pups born today, 7/30/2017 out of Sweetie, and they are 2 blue leopards, and 2 red leopards.