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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Valyrie and Patch Puppies

Born 4/13/2013

The dame is Val is out of Scarlet and Cutty Dark(thus she is a grand daughter of Cutting Buck, and great grand daughter of Cutter)
the stud is C Arrow Patch(below in orange collar below)
and unlike most of my dogs he ain't got scars all over his face for nothin'
Patch was not raised by me,
but at 2 years old he had never seen a hog in his life
and found his own hog first time out in the woods.

I am asking $300 for these pups and they are ready to go as of this writing

for more info call me at 337 298 2630
I am in Lafayette, LA
3 hours south of Arkansas,
3 hours east of Houston,
and 1 hour west of Baton Rouge
These are highly intelligent, elite, high performance working dogs,
as blood tracking dogs, or on hogs, coons, cows, cats, 
and excellent pets when raised with children.
And I pity anyone who tries to get in-between these dogs and your child.