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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beau and Samuel puppies born August 2014

Beau and Wolf have made a great match.

They have 1 male

and 2 females.

I have handled these pups from the day they were born as birthday imprinting and daily handling like picking them up and walking around, is crucial for something bred this wild to be social and work for you.

Now, as much as I love to see the results of registered foundation breed results, and pure breed working bloodlines, let us remember that the red wolf was a part of the Catahoula gene pool which began about 500 years ago, and in spite of some DNA experts claiming otherwise, the wolf was in there then(hundreds of years ago) and genetically it is still in there now, as all modern domestic breeds evolved from wild wolves at some point in history.

Well here is my take on the wolf gene debate: I believe it was good then and it is good now, so I am producing 1 or 2 litters a year for my friends in the north country who need a long haired working dog.

Samuel is a pure bred white wolf with a black saddle back, to quote my friends from Alaska who run the Ididarod dog sled races, he is the most beautiful wolf they have ever seen.

Well when it comes to working, I have to keep him on a leash during deer season so he doesn't get shot, but this big boy is a blood tracking fool, who I will let off the leash if a deer jumps wounded because Samuel will grab the deer by the neck and take it down unless it is a healthy strong buck who wants to fight. If it is a fight, Samuel goes for the throat to take 'em down!

Worse part of tracking with Samuel is that he gets really excited when we get about 100 yards from the kill if it is gut shot, and if it is NOT dead and starts to move he goes nuts and may actually drag me down because he almost cannot control himself!

 Well, I can't blame him because he knows he is about to have fun.

This dog has personality and so will his pups if they are properly socialized.

Little Ann and Jesse puppies born August 2014

In this litter I have 4 pups,

 Here is the moma, Little Anne: a daughter of Riley and Scarlet

all are female,

blue leopards, glass eyes, white trim.

 And Little Anne is ready for you to take her babies!

I will be putting up more pictures ASAP, but these puppies are very inquisitive and keep getting too close to the camera!

.The stud is Jesse as seen below on track at the crawfish pond.

Jesse is a son of Bobalou and Angel,
and Angel is a daughter of Patch and Ruby

Coco and Rock puppies born August 2014

Like most of my breeding, this litter only has 3 pups.

I have 2 solid black females, as seen below

 and one of them has white socks and some white trim on the face.

 All three of these pups like the female below is a smiley dog, meaning they schrunch up their lips and show their teeth by smiling at you.

1 male, who is a blue leopard with double glass eyes, blaze face, ring neck, white tip tail, and tan and white trim on the face and legs.

This well bred, handsome boy even got affection down to a science and smiles at you if he can't jump all over you.

Which doesn't surprise me as Rock will smile at you just about every time he comes around for a pat on the head.

Bobbi Girl and Jesse Puppies born September 15, 2014

 Jesse is an all around working dog, and the best tracker I have ever worked with. In the photo above he is training pups to be hog dogs, and in the photo below he is on point in a swamp tour.
I have new photos for the blog and lots of video of training pups in the cool mornings.

I will get photos of Bobbi Girl here asap, but she has a lot of energy and I can't get her to sit still long enough for a good picture presently.

Like almost all of the many litters I bred, there are only 3 pups in this one.

A blue leopard male,

A red leopard male,

and a black female with white tip toes on all four feet.

These pups are 6 weeks today, and I need to get the photos in here ASAP as people have been begging for the photos.