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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tri-colored Catahoula Puppies out of Coco and Luke

 As you can see both Luke and Coco are camera shy , but not around cows or hogs!
Anyway that is a big misconception about Catahoulas: they are shy

 These puppies are NOT shy...

 As you can see, they are very engaging...

Well built and healthy

typical of a catahoula... all in your feet!

 And ready to take a stand to be your best friend...

 Raised up among other great dogs, and decended from generation after generation of champions...

What color? blue leopard, tri-colored, and one gun metal grey, all total 5 females in this litter.

Yes, they got blue eyes, what else you want to know? Ohhh how much?

OK, make me an offer, because the price is irrelevant if you you don't know WHAT THIS IS!

The worlds most versatile working dog, and you better have a job for them if you "just want to 'make' them into a pet!"

All that being said if you want to call and make me an offer, these girls are just about to ship.

My name is Marcus de la Houssaye, and my cell phone is 337 298 2630