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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ruby and Patch Puppies

Born 12/17/2008

Ruby is a six year old daughter of Frank and Patch is a seven year old Blair bred great grand son of Bubba. The first time I crossed Patch and Ruby in 2005, produced Angel and Lady as well as a male and female I sent to east Texas with my buddy Clyde Coxie. Clyde called me up and advised me that he was about to give up on catahoulas as hog dogs and wanted to give my dogs a try. I sold him my female pick of the litter and gave him the male pick of the litter black and tan, and warned him not to run too many at one time. It wasn't long before he reported back that they were doing fine as pups and soon after that they were as good as it gets. Early in 2008 the male got killed on a 500 lb boar, and after that the female, as I predicted went on to be an even better hog dog than the male.

Angel and Handsome Puppies

Born 12/24/2008 Handsome is a 6 year old son of Maurice and Alida. Angel is a daughter of Patch and Ruby. In 2007 I crossed Handsome over Lady, who is a littermate of Angel. The results of breeding Handsome to Angel's sister were excellent and I decided to breed him to Angel this go round.