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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chocolate and Cocodrile puppies born July 18, 2015

OK, I got a pair of handsome boys here one black and tan,

 and one is brown and tan both out of Chocolate, and Cocodrile. 

Here is a photo of Chocolate
I am already acclimating them to the road and to being in boats and around tractors, ATV's, and cattle and horses. these boys are already a handful to keep up with!
Below is a photo of the stud, Cocodrile, out of Bobbi Girl and Cutty Dark

Below is Bobbi Girl, a granddaughter of Bobalou and Ruby on her momma side,

and her Daddy is Cutty Dark, a grandson of Two Diamonds Cutter, as seen below...
which means these 2 boys are great great grand children of Two Diamonds Cutter, Ruby, and Bobalou on da daddy's side and great grand children of C Arrow Patch and Ruby on da momma's side.
This is going to be interesting...
As you can see below, I do swamp tours, and I haul these pups with me on the road and on the water.
These pups were born in mid July, so they are ready to go when you are.

I can be reached at 337 298 2630 if you want to call me to see if you qualify to buy one.