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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Coco and Luke's puppies born 2/15/2015

The funny thing about dealing with the public is people believe I 'need' to sell these puppies and therefore the price must go down over time, right? Well if I was "trying" to sell them asap I would not be qualifying buyers, I would just hand over a puppy as soon as the first buyer shows up with money. Now one of the reasons I don't put a price on my web page is: people think there is a generic price on puppies.   

If it is real easy to sell these pups with the blue eyes, shouldn't those be a higher price than the ones with the brown eyes? Supply and demand.

And if  the spotted dogs are easier to sell then solid color, shouldn't them leopard markings fetch a higher price as well as the blue eyes? Seems logical to me!

I got blue eyed, leopards, and male and females of each but I am not putting up pictures of every dog in my yard. If you want to see everything I got, YOU NEED TO COME TO MY HOUSE!

Now part of why I don't put pictures of ALL my dogs is: as you can see in the photo below, oftentimes Catahoulas are very camera shy.
The reason they are camera shy is: well bred Catahoulas are often people shy.

To overcome that this breed needs to be socialized, and as you can see in the photo above and below I haul my pups around in boats and trucks early on as much as possible.

  So if you were hoping the price will go down because "I need to get rid of em" please consider that not only am I feeding, watering, and vacineating, I am spending quality time with my pups.

All that and I am preparing them to be ready to work when they get there. These dogs do not make good pets for most people because people are superficial in shopping for color, and are not knowledgeable about what these dogs were bred to do: work!

If you think you are gonna over ride genetics by training them to be a pet, GET REAL! You are not gonna MAKE them into something they were not bred to be in the first place!

Now on the other side, if they weren't bred to work or hunt in the first place you ain't gonna train them to do that either!

How about this: someone called today who wanted me to train his dog. I asked him;"train him to do what?" And his reply: "to do nothing in particular", to which I replied; "And what makes you think you have to train him to DO THAT?"

I MAY BE A COMEDIAN, but I did not make this up.

I am asking 700 dollars for these pups, and the price WILL GO UP,  as I invest more into them.

But you are welcome to call me and make me an offer if you like or just want to inquire about the cheaper, more well suited to be pet variety I also have for sale.

I do not sell dogs by email, OR TEXT, but you can call me at 337 298 2630, and I and the pups are in Lafayette if you are serious about ACTUALLY SEEING what I have for sale.