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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not One Size Fits All

This good looking dog may be just what you
are looking for if you are shopping for show.

But... will you be able to handle him when he grows up
and starts doing what he was bred to do?

He is a working dog!

What is his job?

He was bred to work, and you aren't going to take
that out of him without losing more than you gain.

I have had a lot of people calling me,
trying to find a good dog for a cheap price.

All I have to say to that is: Good Luck!

For the most part, it was not a waste of my time,

because I learned a lot about the fact that there are many people
who think all Catahoulas are the same.

I had to bred a lot of trash and fail,
to find that the good dogs,
almost always come from a foundation bloodline

The best part about this is that there are no culls and no runts, all these dogs grow up to hunt. The worst part about this is these elite, high performance working dogs have hunt in the genetics and may not be a good pet for the average Catahoula owner hoping to make them into a pet.

They are born to hunt and you will not take that
out of the dog without breaking the dogs spirit.

Just like I tell the hunters who think they will have to train the dog to hunt:

They are born hog dogs or they will never be hog dogs!

Likewise, if you buy a hunting dog and think
you are going to make it into a pet,
you will most likely do more harm than good.

This is why I breed several different bloodlines
and even cross the Catahoula with Cocker Spaniel
to make an easier to handle, pet or blood trail dog dog.

And yes they have all the markings of a Catahoula,
complete with blue eyes and leopard spots,
but a much more easy-going temperment.

OK, so some of my dogs may not fit your service needs,
because they are too smart, fast, gritty, determined,
and active for your need as a casual pet and companion guard dog,
and that is why I have several different bloodlines,
in order to match your level of service.

But, Catahoulas being very intelligent, are very adaptable,
and can make great pets, but you better be ready to go to school,
because they will test you every day!

I have several that came back at about 1 1/2 years old because they were great hunting dogs that were not being properly handled as pets, like Bud below.

And what are they testing you for? To see if you are the boss.

And if you are not, they will control you!

And the best time to bond with them and
establish your authority and dominion is:

the younger, the better.Of course, there is a limit as to how young, is too young. But at about 4 weeks, the mother of these pups is saying;"Take my children,Please!"

To me, dogs are puppies until they are two years old.

And I spend a lot of time with my dogs before they are two.

But, not everone can take their dogs to work like meSimon, on my swamp tour

I don't care if they are finding their own hog at 1 year old,
they are still puppies and I keep them out of harms way,
until they have a reasonable chance of surviving a wild hog in the woods!

What you see in the photo below is where I like for my puppies
to be at about 4-6 months,

After that, I can leave them out of the pen
until they go to the woods about a year later.

So, if you want something like this, which is baying in a pen at 4 months old and finding their own hog at a year old, and you can't afford $1,000-$1,5000

Why aren't you buying this when they are cheap and spend some time with them?

and if you are looking for a good pet/guard dog,
I have that too for a cheaper price than Ruby and Angels puppies.

I still am selling some that start at $100-$200 but call me,

I don't put all my dogs in the websites,and...

I don't sell dogs or puppies by photos alone.

And another thing, I am screening people over the phone and in person,

money alone does not qualify you to own my dogs.

I don't care if you show up at my gate with thousands of dollars in hand,

I am not looking for the right price,
I am not in this for the money,
I am looking for the right people for my dogs
and I will try to make that perfect match happen to the best of my abilities.

Don't go to the Cadilllac dealership and...
expect to drive away with a Volkswagon price.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ruby and Patch Puppies

The Stud! C Arrow Patch, NALC registered, Blair bred

The greatest cross ever out of Ruby or Patch.

Based upon past performance, there are no culls, nor runts.

Every dog is fast, smart, gritty, and hunts.

These dogs are bred to hunt.

$1,000 at weaning and get them while you can,
these will be going for $1,500-$2,000 at six months

Last litter was born 12/17/2008 and all were finding
their own hog before they were a year old.

Angel and Luke Skywalker

The Stud! Luke Skywalker,
two year old son of Handsome and Lady

Born February 24, 2010

At two weeks old as usual with Angel's puppies they are huge!

OK, you can fault me either way, but I do what the old timers tell me to.

They are always right!

Last week the price went up on all my dogs. Puppies too.

The old timers fussed at me for trying to help peole by keeping my price low.

I know times are tight for a lot of people right now.

They fussed because they are selling their puppies $800-$1,000 a piece.

I said yes, and mine are not registered, they said:

"Doesn't Matter!"

"People want performance not papers."

"You are not helping people, you are hurting yourself"

"People who don't know your dogs,
think you are like everybody else with a cheap price."

OK, Angel's puppies are now being offered for $500

I have many satisfied customers, and they are offering to tell you about where the puppies are that they bought a year or two ago.

Mr. Mike Duggan in Vinton, La. 337 912 3953

He owns a 14 month old son of Jesse and Sweet Peas

Buster been finding his own hog since he was about 8 months old.

Don't take my word for it, call my customers.