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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

C C and C Arrow Patch's Puppies

C C's Puppies were born 11/17/2009

Sired By Patch

The dame is a daughter of Scarlet and Handsome

We have six puppies for sale at $200 each

They have had a 7 way vaccine last week and been wormed once a week with Panacur(fenbendazole)

These are very fat and healthy puppies ready to go now, as of 12/29/2009

Will make excellent hog dogs, cow dogs, and pets if you are ready for a Blair bred Catahoula!

These dogs will be smart, fast, and gritty. If you have never had a Catahoula, I must warn you, they are not for everyone. As a working dog, they can do, but as a pet you need to consider that their working ability is in the genetics, not the training. If you want them for a pet, you need to understand that they need a job too.

I am available for consultation at 337 298 2630 to determine if these pups are right for you.

I must warn you: Just because you show up with money does not qualify you to buy my dogs.

Patch's puppies are known to dig under, climb over, tear through, and open the latch on gates to get out of kennels.

If you are planning on getting a catahoula as a puppy, buy a heavy duty steel crate NOW, because you are gonna need it before too long!

These dogs become very attached and want to go everywhere you go. If you try to leave them behind, make sure they are tied up or locked down tight.

These dogs also work very well as blood trail dogs for deer hunting.

If you are disappointed losing wounded or dead deer you cannot find, invest in a puppy now for next deer season.

So if you need a cow dog, hog dog, blood trail dog, security, or a pet for your kids give me a call and we can discuss if these pups are a good match for your needs.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bijeaux's Puppies

Born November 10,2009

Bijeaux is a daughter of Bobbi Girl and Spider

Bobbi Girl is a daughter of Bob and Ruby.

Spider is a son of Bob and Angel.

Angel is a daughter of Patch and Ruby.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angel and Handsome's New Puppies

Angel and Handsome have a new litter of 7 puppies which are about 1 month old today. Born 7/25/2009 $150-$200

I am presently taking deposits and hoping to fulfill some of the orders that were not met in the last litter.

As I usually do when I have a litter in the summertime, I keep em in a little plastic swimming pool in central air conditioning until I can't take it anymore! And they are starting to scoot around pretty good this last week, so I will be starting them on wet dog food and moving them out any day now. Thank God, it is cooling off some. They are ready to go at the end of August.

We have 2 dark chocolate with tan and blue leopard trim, male and female.

4 Blue leopards with ring necks, white socks and white tipped tails
*doesn't get any better than this!

Unless you like the blue leopard/grey patch, male!(on the far left, with moma)He is also pictured at the top of this post.

As usual Angel does not produce one runt in the litter.

Get these while you can,
because I will retire Angel from breeding for a least a year or two.

Most of them have blue eyes and if you need more info call me at 337 298 2630

Below are photos of Handsome, a six year old son of the original Maurice from the 1990's and father to the puppies in this post.

Next post will be Sweet Peas and Skywalker's pups.
(Great grandchildren of Maurice, Patch and Ruby!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gus, a son of Jesse and Dot

Below are pictures of Jesse and Gus(14 weeks old) in the bay pen.

Below on left, Coco, born 12/17/2008, a daughter of Patch and Ruby,
and Simon, born 12/24/2008, a son of Angel and Handsome.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The New Puppies of 2009

Back in March of this year I needed a puppy pen and it dawned on me that building it attached to the bay pen might be a great way to give the youngsters some entertainment and a good example to follow. Below are the results.

Here is a photo of Toulouse(almost a year old) setting a good example for the puppies who are about 12-14 weeks old.

A couple of weeks later Bijeaux is putting on a very good show and the pups are beginning to want some too.

Well... it wasn't long before I needed to give Simon and Cocoa a shot at having some fun too!

OK, I have been holding out long enough. It is time I release some photos of the pups now about six months old. In the next few weeks I will be posting photos of puppies and started dogs for sale.

Thank you all, for your patience.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Angel and Handsome's Puppies

Born 12/24/2008 This boy's name is Simon. A grey patch/blue leopard with tan trim and a glass eye. It doesn't get any flashier than this!

Simon has two solid black sisters and a solid brown brother with green eyes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ruby and Patch Puppies

Born 12/17/2008

Ruby is a six year old daughter of Frank and Patch is a seven year old Blair bred great grand son of Bubba. The first time I crossed Patch and Ruby in 2005, produced Angel and Lady as well as a male and female I sent to east Texas with my buddy Clyde Coxie. Clyde called me up and advised me that he was about to give up on catahoulas as hog dogs and wanted to give my dogs a try. I sold him my female pick of the litter and gave him the male pick of the litter black and tan, and warned him not to run too many at one time. It wasn't long before he reported back that they were doing fine as pups and soon after that they were as good as it gets. Early in 2008 the male got killed on a 500 lb boar, and after that the female, as I predicted went on to be an even better hog dog than the male.

Angel and Handsome Puppies

Born 12/24/2008 Handsome is a 6 year old son of Maurice and Alida. Angel is a daughter of Patch and Ruby. In 2007 I crossed Handsome over Lady, who is a littermate of Angel. The results of breeding Handsome to Angel's sister were excellent and I decided to breed him to Angel this go round.