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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pure Bred Catahoula Puppies

I am writing this post to educate prospective buyers that I have pure bred AND  cross bred Catahoulas.

And I can keep them separate, and will never present a cross bred dog as anything but that!

Now some pure bred Catahoula enthusists want to claim that there is no reason to cross a well bred Catahoula, and I couldn't agree more, if that is what you want. But many people want a dog that looks Catahoula but have no idea that  they cannot "just make it into a pet" IF IT IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE BRED DOG, and are not even ready to consider that the best dogs are smarter than we are.

 And that is where "they get pissed off, and get rid of the dog in anger, because it is not being a "good pet"". Why? Because if you have a good dog, you will have problems with them especially as a puppy, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY SMARTER THAN YOU!

Now, I will continue to re-edit this post periodically as I have time but for now....

I am just getting started explaining why I breed pure breds AND CROSS BREDS: for your benefit.

A pure bred may be too active to be "just a pet", in which case I have some good looking "show dogs", that will be better pets for those of you who want a Catahoula for show without the high performance working abilities of  cow dog or hog dog.

And if you want a blood tracking dog, you need to understand that a pure bred or cross bred Catahoula needs to be your family pet WHEN IT IS NOT DEER SEASON, otherwise they may not work for you when you need them most.

stay tuned....more later

Friday, December 20, 2013

Coco and Rock Puppies


I will put more photos of Rock later, but for now, when we are in the woods,
 he moves too fast for good pictures!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coco and Rock Puppies born 11/12/2013

                                                   three males and one female...
the little female is on the far left in the photo below...

Below is the stud, a grandson of Maurice and a son of Handsome
sorry this photo is not loading, I'll try later..
below is a photo of C Arrow Patch, NALC reg
12 years old and still hunting...just took this picture today!

Coco and Rocks puppies are purebred will be gritty, hard hunting and have great personalities as a well bred Catahoula should be. If you are interested in calling and qualifying for a pup, you can call me at 337 298 2630

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jessie Girl and Samuel puppies

These pups are a cross breed, and not pure bred Catahoula
I crossed them for the first time to track blood.
Jessie Girl is a daughter of Scarlet and Jessie who was on the Pecan Island Buck

Samuel is a purebred wolf with an incredible prey drive, 
and together they have given us 3 Catahoula/wolf cross breeds

considering the dense fur, and the space needed for a wolf,
I recommend these dogs go to a tracker in the north.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blood Tracking Dog Puppies out of Sue and Rock born 8/7/13

Rock is out of Angel, and a grandson of Maurice and Patch.
Sue is a daughter of my Houlagirl and a 1/2 Jack Russell 1/2 Border Collie
So these pups are 1/8 Border Collie, 1/8th Jack Russell, and 3/4 Catahoula

                                       Excellent as a family pet, blood tracker, and watch dog.
,                                      but I want to warn you; these pups are going to be fast!

                                        337 298 2630

Rose and Luke Skywalker, born 8/10/13

Rose is a daughter of C Arrow Patch and Bebe

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Valyrie and Patch Puppies

Born 4/13/2013

The dame is Val is out of Scarlet and Cutty Dark(thus she is a grand daughter of Cutting Buck, and great grand daughter of Cutter)
the stud is C Arrow Patch(below in orange collar below)
and unlike most of my dogs he ain't got scars all over his face for nothin'
Patch was not raised by me,
but at 2 years old he had never seen a hog in his life
and found his own hog first time out in the woods.

I am asking $300 for these pups and they are ready to go as of this writing

for more info call me at 337 298 2630
I am in Lafayette, LA
3 hours south of Arkansas,
3 hours east of Houston,
and 1 hour west of Baton Rouge
These are highly intelligent, elite, high performance working dogs,
as blood tracking dogs, or on hogs, coons, cows, cats, 
and excellent pets when raised with children.
And I pity anyone who tries to get in-between these dogs and your child.