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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bijeaux II pups @ 7 weeks

OK, it is time for them to go to their new momas and daddies... 

They got their eyes on me and some are following me around the yard...

These are not cute little sit around and do nothings because I am already starting to see em jumping for joy, just like moma does!

The 3 leopards below are all male, and one of the blacks is one too.

I would like to show you more photos of Bijeaux II, but she is camera shy, 
so below we have a new guest who just came to visit. And I think the owner said he was 8 months. 

This is an example of what your dog can look like come deer season later this year, if you was to get a pup now to be your blood tracking dog for the next season coming up.

But back to Bijeaux's pups... they are already following me around the yard, and getting to the gate on the driveway, which is like a 100 yards from their kennel.

Alert, gamey and well focused these are super pets, and come hunting season they want to go everywhere you go.

In fact the more you make them a part of everything you do in the off season, the better in the long run for a working dog because they are comfortable around you 24/7 and know your program.

I get people who want a working dog, but don't have time for them, and wonder why the dog isn't everything they hoped for come hunting season. But the dog never went anywhere or did anything in the off season, except hang out in a stinking kennel and rarely was even let out to twist out and just be a free dog. Then the same dog goes to someone who spends time with it and the former owner regrets "getting rid of em", because he likes the way the dog 'acts' with the new owner. And we hear stuff like: "If I had knew he would turn out like that, I would have kept him." Hello? If YOU had kept him, he would NOT have turned out like that, because you don't put nothin into a dog except some store bought dog food!

Here is how an old timer put it to me: "A hog dog is only as good as the man hunting him."

This is Luke above and Kesahla below center who were just recently bred and should have some very interesting pups coming in this spring.

Below is Bijeaux II and you can see in her eye she don't like this camera stuff, but is just tolerating me so I will go away.

I am located in Lafayette Louisiana about 2 hrs. east of Houston, and 1 hr. west of Baton Rouge on I-10.

I can be reached by cell phone at 337 298 2630 if you want to talk Catahoula, and I am not always carrying the phone, but I will not be doing swamp tours until further notice due to the drama at the lake is more than I am willing to subject myself to, so I am with my dogs on the ground @ home almost 24/7.

And as a result of that lifestyle adjustment on my part, I will have time to talk this spring. So give me a call and lets see if we can match you with the right dog for your lifestyle, facilities, family, and working dog program.

 I place my dogs with Viet Nam vets who are suffering from PTSD and they tell me the dog is the best remedy and therapy they have ever had for their disorder.

Also recently I began placing Catahoulas with more families wanting a companion pet for their autistic child for theuraputic reasons and we are getting great results with that too.

Lately I am hearing a lot of people tell me they have been calling all the best breeders and hearing the same thing:"I am not breeding AND selling to the public." OK, now lets analyse this. It does not mean they are not breeding, just that they are fed up with the disrespect of dealing with the public. And I am advising everyone that I am doing my best to fill in on the demand and send some well bred dogs out to the right people, but the more I get to know people, the more I like my Catahoulas! So nothing personal, but I hope you are smiling too and we are on the same page!

Is it just me, or does it seem that too many people grew up watching too much Jerry Springer?

Anyway that may be the subject of a different blog...

I will be getting more puppy pictures up asap as the demand for them seems to never end.