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Friday, July 23, 2010

Molly, a Scarlet and Patch Puppy

Below is an email letter I recently recieved from Scott Zeringue, thanking me for selling him a puppy a few months ago.

The one thing I want to point out in this letter is how sensitive Scott is to the dogs sensitivity.

Bear in mind that this letter comes to me and the dog is barely 5 months old.

Here is Scott's letter:

Marcus these are some pictures of Molly. I can't thank you enough for selling
me this dog.

The first few weeks she depended on us, now, we depend on her.
At such a young age she has figured out what her duties are around the farm.

She can go from a playful puppy with the kids one minute to a protective
guardian the next if a stranger comes around. She sleeps at the back door
all night and waits for that morning greeting like to say "I watched the
place all night with pride".

She walks us to the car when we leave for work
then goes back by the back door and waits for us in the afternoon. I can't
explain how smart she is.

Everytime she comes across something new, you can almost watch her think about how will this fit into my job around here.

One morning before work she heard me fuss at my 3 boys,
and that afternoon she came met me at the truck with her tail between her legs until I talked to her gently.

It puzzled me at first, but I realized she thought she had did
something wrong. I felt really bad because at barely three months old that
little puppy thought about that all day long.

As a puppy I would put her in my lap to go ride the ATV, now when she wants to ride she climbs on the back rack and barks until someone takes her for a spin. She truly is a wonderful dog.

Thanks again