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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lulu and Cutty Dark Puppies

I have numerous stud dogs which are breeding dogs owned by friends who bought puppies from me years ago and are now coming back to breed those grown up puppies to my new stud dogs.

Cutty Dark is a Grandson of Two Diamonds Cutter and Camp-A-While's Abbey

He is the stud to a new litter with Lulu who is a daughter of Scarlet and Handsome

Here are a couple of pictures of Handsome, who is a son of the legendary Maurice,
and the sire of Lulu.

Here is Luke Skywalker, a son of Handsome and half brother of Lulu.

I will post pictures of the puppies as soon as I visit the owner and chose my picks.

Bijeaux and Simon's Puppies

Simon, a son of Angel and Handsome is the sire to Bijeaux's new litter

Born 5/15/2010