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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Catahoula Puppies for sale ... yearlings

OK, as of yesterday all of the little puppies are gone until the next month comes in. In the meantime if you want a started dog, these are my yearlings.

Little Annie is out of Little Ann and Little Bob, blue leopard with brown eyes, 6 months old.

                                            For someone who needs security, companionship,
                                            or cow dog, blood tracking dog, or hog dog, these                                                                                           yearlings are excellent candidates.

Below is her little brother, Lil Bob II, and he is even more fiesty than her!

Below is Lil Bob II with Cheech.

Below is Little Ann the momma of lil Bob II and lil Annie
Little Ann(not for sale) is a daughter of C Arrow Patch and Scarlet O'Hara

I will try to edit in some more photos of da moma and daddies along the way.

Smiley is out of Coco and Rock , just over a year and a half old, female

 This is Gomer, a very easy going dog, and he would make an easy going companion or blood tracking dog

This is Curly tail(not for sale) below, and she is the moma to Gomer.

Below is Samuel he is the stud I crossed over a pure bred Catahoula to create Catahoula/wolf crosses.

 Everyone who sees Samuel loves him...

Below is his son Rocky, he is a hunter, and a leader of the pack of yearlings.


Below is Beauty, female, white wolf/catahoula cross, about 1 1/2 year old

Below is Rita Mae, the other sister to Rocky

I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and I can be reached at 337 298 2630 if you want to talk...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coco and Luke Skywalker's Louisiana Catahoula Puppies for Sale

337 298 2630

2 female blue leopards below with a lot of grey on da left, and on da right... double glass eyes, tan trim, and a ring neck, blaze face and white tip tail!

wide head, wide body, and a big heart, what more do you want?

below is a blue leopard male with grey patches and tan trim...

I actually have 2 males, blaze face, white tip tail, tan trim and grey patches, both of 'em blue leopards...
but I need to take pictures of the other one and get it in here(ssshhhh, he is a pick of da litter!)

I'm lookin goooooood baby!

OK, here is da runt female below, red leopard, blaze face, white tip tail, and soooo sweet!

She might be going to California to fill out a family pack over there soon, as someone just booked a round trip flight to Lafayette, La. to come and pick one out. 

And on that note, I do ship, but it is usually cheaper for you to fly here to Louisiana
and pick and choose your puppy, and then carry the puppy onto the flight home as your "carry on" luggage.

                And if you do that, we can do a swamp tour while you are here as you can see below,

Those round leaves are American Lotus above and below...

And if you come to visit, you got to set a spell and maybe go eat crawfish ettouffe, fried alligator, and gumbo @ Chicken on da Bayou as you can see below...

An... das not all.... you can buy alligator meat frozen and ship dat where ever you want in da world as you can see below!

Wait, das not all.... you can get Baudin's Crawfish Boudin too as you can see below!

It is a real nice, clean, easy going, come as you are, Mom and Pop kind of place, and NOT a tourist trap, as you can see below...

OK, if you are coming, please take note: I can cook, and a lot of my friends cook, but when I BUY crawfish ettoufee, dis is de ONLY  place I spend my money!

 If you want to meet me dere, please call in a #10 Isle de Capri, which is fried shrimp on a bed of rice and cover dat wit crawfish ettouffe sauce... oh my... dat make you want to slap yo momma!

Now if you want dem to ship frozen food for you here is da number 337 662 6073 to call 'em.


OK, I am making my self too hungry....gotta go!

Little Ann and Luke Louisiana Catahoula Puppies For Sale

This weekend I got a special treat and was able to spend time with one of the magnificent examples that comes out of my breeding program. But before we get to that, this is Austin, a blue leopard male with tan trim and brown eyes.

This little girl below is the blue leopard runt and an excellent example of the deep chest, wide body and wide head so many people seem to be looking for. 

                                     In spite of being the runt, and undersized by comparison,                                    she can hold her own and can't you see it in her eyes?

Now before I show you some more of the pups, here is Chaffy, a son of Coco and Cutty Dark below, who is 2 1/2 years old and just came back from Colorado to visit this past weekend. 

And I will now let the cat out of the bag: below is my pick of the littler.

I know y'all are all jonsing for them red and blue, and GREY leopards, with blue eyes, but go ahead...
I like the looks of this and he always got his nose on da ground!

Y'all can have dem spots, I got me a hunter right here...

I know the picture above looks like a sleepy head, 
but if you will look below his jaw, on da throat below, and you can see he is in recovery from a bite of a poisonous cotton mouth water moccasin.

OK, is it the snake bite that ultimately makes 'em a better dog, or was it ALREADY a better dog in da first place that had his nose down on da ground and was getting out and hunting WHEN he was 6 wks. old AND THEN he got bit? Just think about...

At any rate if you want to call me and we talk about Catahoulas and why snake bit dogs are so good, I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630, and I am in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Bear in mind, that I have 2 males out of Chocolate, a daughter of Coco and Cutty Dark, that are now about 3 months old, and are already hitting the blood trails and finding blood soaked deer. But mostly they are rough and tumble puppies all day long....

Below you can see one of the reasons that my dogs are so gifted as blood tracking dogs, is because they eat raw venison on a regular basis, and they hunt as a pack, meaning they are motivated by sibling rivalry, as in who gets to the deer first eats most...

As you can see Brown and Tan ain't too happy about Blackie showing up late and trying to cut in on his find!