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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Of Course I Have Catahoula Puppies For Sale!

And this is why I am accused of being so "rude" on da phone to people I have never met, (actually just being honest, protective, and caring for da babies born in my yard) and why da 1st phone call is a good screen to disqualify most callers who just want to 'make them into a pet' and as usual "I" am accused of being a 'hard' breeder "to do business with!" Yah you got dat RIGHT!


(A red leopard son of Patch and Ruby @ 8 weeks old)

~ Christmas Warning:
~ In about 4 to 12 weeks after Christmas we are going to be seeing the "We need to re-home our pet" posts. 

(The photo above was taken by a very responsible dog 'owner' who took their new pup on a hike in the Colorado Rockies, and had stopped for a break along the trail.)

~ These are the folks who purchased puppies as Christmas gifts who are suddenly allergic, moving, having a baby, don't have time, their kids won't take care of it, didn't think they'd get so big (etc...)

~ To these people I say:

*You didn't know you had an allergy? oops. Don't let the pet suffer. Get allergy medicine.

*You're moving? what city are you moving to that doesn't allow dogs? Bullcrapville? find a house/ apartment / condo that will ALLOW your furry family member. PERIOD.

* had no idea you were due to have a baby in 2 months? interesting. 
Get a dog trainer and suck it up, buttercup, you're a pet mom and a human mom now, millions deal with this daily and manage just fine and so will you if you decide to. so just decide to do it.

                                      (Ruby on board a de la Houssaye's Swamp Tour)

*Don't have time for one 15 minute walk or to have a dog just sit next to you while you're home? really? 

~ So they're better off in a shelter than waiting in your house for you to get home? okaaay!!!....

~ get another dog to keep them company. find a solution that lets them stay in your home, it really isn't that difficult.

* mean your 5 year old didn't step up to the plate to feed, walk, and scoop poop? 

~ And this surprised you? 

~ I guess it's time for you to step up and be the model of responsibility for your own child.

*Wrong Size? not cute as an adult? 

not quite the personality you expected?

 ~ look in a mirror... 

~ How'd you turn out?

 Should we send you back or make you homeless. 

~ Grow the hell up, you chose to bring this puppy home, not the other way around....

but you can bet your ass "that" dog would lay down his life for you.. can you say the same for him or her?

~ I didn't make this post to offend anyone, but rather to open eyes, 

and take responsibility for those without a voice that had no choice in being a gift for Christmas.

~ Feel free to copy and share.

                              Merry Christmas y'all, and here is another post card from Louisiana.

Should you be interested in being a part of the de la Houssaye's Catahoula family, and going through the qualification process, I can be reached by cell phone at 337 298 2630 or email:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Catahoula Puppies For Sale born 11/22/2016

Coco and Cutty Dark 5 males 

Below is Cutty Dark a grand son of Diamond Cutter and Campawhile's Abbey, stud

Below is Cutter 

Below is Cutter and Amos Mann, with Cutter's Winnfield trophy

I like dem white tip toes...

And this blue leopard male below is a double glass eyed white

These boys will be ready to go after Christmas

I m Marcus de la Houssaye and I can be reached at 337 298 2630

Below is Coco on the left, when she was about 7 months old

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Catahoula Puppies 'for sale' Rita Mae's 1/4 wolf, 3/4 Catahoula

Somebody appears to be camera shy here...

Born June 15, 2016 now @ 10 weeks old

What ever your needs for a working dog, as long as you don't mind the long hair, these 2 girls will get it done!

Judy Ann here is a gunmetal grey and blue leopard with double glass eyes and tan trim out of Rita Mae and Beau Red

Her sister below is a Red Leopard like her daddy, Beau Red

If you need more info on this pair, I am Marcus de la Houssaye

and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Louisiana Catahoula puppy for sale

I have some more pictures in the previous post if you want to see more
update 8/15/2016(almost 4 weeks old)

I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630

Friday, August 12, 2016

Catahoula Puppies for sale out of Curlytail and Cutty Dark born 7/22/2016

Sometimes typical of my breeding program of small litters, unfortunately this time, we have only one puppy out of this 2016 litter of Curlytail and Cutty Dark. This is only the second time I breed Curlytails, and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to breed her!

Look at this puppy!

He is a great grandson of Two Diamonds Cutter, on the paternal side and a great grandson of Ruby, and C Arrow Patch on the maternal side.

As you can see below he is not too happy to be outside on a rainy day photo shoot!

And... as you can see below he is a gorgeous red leopard male, and I wish I could keep him, but I am downsizing my breeding operation, and I already have a full blood brother of his.

I suggest you get your deposit in here ASAP as he will not be here for long.

And I will be placing him in his forever home by about 5 to 6 weeks of age.

Below you can see his full blood brother, Arrow which is my pick from the last litter

 Great disposition, excellent markings and very spunky...

He is also a great grandson of Two Diamonds Cutter, Ruby, and C Arrow Patch

I do not let my dogs breed again and again and have 8-12 puppies in a litter the way most people do.

I breed this way only allowing her and the stud contact once which only allows her to concieve over a 72 hour time frame. I guess I should have allowed her to breed again as it appears she was starting to ovulate, and we would have had 5-6 puppies. But as a rule I keep the litters small and it puts less stress on the nursing mother and there is lots of nutrients for the babes and virtually no sibling rivalry amoung the nursing babies.

This results in stronger immune system, and I almost never lose babies from getting smashed by the moma which is typical of large litters where the moma can't keep track of too many babies.

Also, I almost never see little runts in the litters when I breed them this way.

       Below is Cutty Dark who is a grandson of Cutter out of Camp-a-while's Cuttin Buck

               Below is Curlytail who is out of Angel(from Patch and Ruby) and Handsome

                                         Below is Handsome, out of Alida and Maurice

                  If you are interested, I can be contacted by phone @ 337 298 2630

                         I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I will be glad to talk to you.