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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

C C and C Arrow Patch's Puppies

C C's Puppies were born 11/17/2009

Sired By Patch

The dame is a daughter of Scarlet and Handsome

We have six puppies for sale at $200 each

They have had a 7 way vaccine last week and been wormed once a week with Panacur(fenbendazole)

These are very fat and healthy puppies ready to go now, as of 12/29/2009

Will make excellent hog dogs, cow dogs, and pets if you are ready for a Blair bred Catahoula!

These dogs will be smart, fast, and gritty. If you have never had a Catahoula, I must warn you, they are not for everyone. As a working dog, they can do, but as a pet you need to consider that their working ability is in the genetics, not the training. If you want them for a pet, you need to understand that they need a job too.

I am available for consultation at 337 298 2630 to determine if these pups are right for you.

I must warn you: Just because you show up with money does not qualify you to buy my dogs.

Patch's puppies are known to dig under, climb over, tear through, and open the latch on gates to get out of kennels.

If you are planning on getting a catahoula as a puppy, buy a heavy duty steel crate NOW, because you are gonna need it before too long!

These dogs become very attached and want to go everywhere you go. If you try to leave them behind, make sure they are tied up or locked down tight.

These dogs also work very well as blood trail dogs for deer hunting.

If you are disappointed losing wounded or dead deer you cannot find, invest in a puppy now for next deer season.

So if you need a cow dog, hog dog, blood trail dog, security, or a pet for your kids give me a call and we can discuss if these pups are a good match for your needs.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bijeaux's Puppies

Born November 10,2009

Bijeaux is a daughter of Bobbi Girl and Spider

Bobbi Girl is a daughter of Bob and Ruby.

Spider is a son of Bob and Angel.

Angel is a daughter of Patch and Ruby.