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Monday, December 28, 2015

Brown Girl and Cutty Dark puppies born 12/4/2015

Ok, here we go...

                                                      2 red leopard females with glass eyes...

                          And typical of Patches grand children, we have a red/brindle leopard!

The rarest of colors in the Catahoula is the brindle leopard...

and this one is a brindle/red leopard....


OK, let the bidding begin... I got $300 OVER HERE....

                                      Also, 2 solid black males who look just like da daddy...

                                    and I am Marcus de la Houssaye, my cell: 337 298 2630

I am running out of time here, so more later...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Louisiana Catahoula Puppies for sale, more yearling girls... ready to hunt!

Below is lil Annie out of Little Ann and Little Bob

As you can see below she is rolling with the big dogs...

Well truth be told, she wasn't rolling much lately because she thought she was he own dog, not mine,

as a result, I corrected her and tied her up for about 2 weeks,

It was a humbling experience as you can see above,

and as you can see below she is now eager to please!

The problem was, she didn't want to come when I called her. 
So I tied her up and that way I know right where she is when I want her and we don't have to play games, like hide and seek!

I just weighed lil Annie and she is coming in at 25lbs

Below is Sweetie, who is out of the last litter of Patch and Bobbie Girl

The two photos below are of Jesse James, her litter mate brother.

They are the last two puppies out of Patch on my property. 


          The 3 yr old red dog below is Red Girl, who is a full blood sister of Jesse and Sweetie.

Below is a well built Bobbie Girl..

                                         Below is Harley, coming on 2 years old real soon...

And I am Marcus de la Houssaye, I can be reached at 337 298 2630 if you wanna talk...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Brown Girl and Cutty Dark puppies

Rivers and Cutty Dark ... the puppies will be ready for Christmas 2015...

For those of you that are begging for pictures, I am here to tell you Rivers is NOT HAPPY!

CALL IT CAMERA SHY, I don't know...

But ohhhh, are we making some eyes ...

 OK, I promised some puppy pictures... let's get on with it..

Below the one on the right is a male, left - female.

Below... FYI: the one on the right is SOLD, 
to a repeat customer who said the last puppy they got from me was the best dog they have ever had.

I wonder why they are coming back?

Ok, we are on da move, and lookin for trouble...

Dere it is: bay it, wooooh... woof woof!

Let's see if I can start someting here...

OK, conquered him and movin on...

                                              Chargin in there....

                                                                    Below is: Lucy

OK, got to go because dem eyes is lookin intense!

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630

I raised my dogs, and my children in da swamp!

                                  The photo above should explain why I like wakin up in da swamp...

                                                   Merry Christmas from Cajun Country
If you are interested in doing a swamp tour with me, call me @ 337 298 2630
or go here: 

I am active this time of year and I mean like 24/7 because it is hunting season and I track wounded deer at night for hunters who can't find their wounded deer. So I sleep irregular hours, and go to my phone as much as possible, to check messages and missed calls.

But if I don't always answer, please understand I am a swamp man and sometimes I go where my phone can not survive my lifestyles.. and as a result, don't always carry it with me...  By the way, in the photo below, there is no dry land for about a 1/2 mile. And yes, I am soaking wet because I had just fell into a hole, and it went over my head!

                                   And... I don't like this photo because it makes me look bald!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Yearlings... female

These dogs are all bred, raised and trained by me in a natural environment with a hierarchy of the natural pack social order that dogs experience in the wild.

Cookie is a red leopard female, with a glass eye

                       I will try to come and insert some more info about personality in time...

                                                 but for now, lets get the photos in here.

                            Below is Smilie out of Coco and Rock and she is about 1 1/2 yrs old

As you can see in the photo below she is focused!

                                                  Smilie is bottom right in the photo below
                    She is almost a solid dark chocolate, but has a little leopard trim on her legs

                                                    Bijeaux II out of Bijeaux and Cutty Dark

She is like her Moma: Bijeaux below

she is wound up tight.

                            In the photo below with BijeauxII is with Beautiful, who is 1/2 wolf

                                            Rita Mae below is out of Beau and Samuel

and she like Beautiful is 1/2 wolf, 1/2 Catahoula from the same litter


                                         Below is their brother Rocky, from the same litter...

It is kinda obvious when you look at the tail...
                                                   these pups come out of a wolf..
                                                             and below is Samuel da stud!


                                                  Just look at this fur coat below!

And of course the tail is a dead giveaway

But still some people don't believe I own a pure bred wolf, 

OK, he OWNS me!

Lucky dog, he also owns a chauffeur driven Chevrolet,

and runs with a pack of wild and crazy Catahoulas!

If you are interested in puppies, started dogs, or finished dogs, I can be reached at 337 298 2630


        My name is Marcus de la Houssaye, and I was da swamp man before TV shows was cool,

                                     and if you heard stories, legends, and rumors about me,


 I am here to tell you:  it is all true!